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Chenin and its Many Faces

As a bonafide wine drinking nation we are relatively adventurous when it comes to our red wines. Sure, there's the ubiquitous Merlot lurking on every supermarket shelf, almost to the point wheres it has become more of a way of life now.. ''Do you do Merlot darling?''.  However the wine enthusiast has a plethora of wine styles and grape varieties they can choose to explore. There are the Cabernets (both Sauvignon and Franc), Syrah (or Shiraz, if you prefer its antipodean nomenclature), Argentinian Malbec, French Grenache, Spanish Tempranillo, Italian Sangiovese, Pinot Noir.. the list goes on and on. When it comes to a refreshing whites however, we are decidedly more conservative and, if im honest rather boring: the ubiquitous Chardonnay and the 'cat's pee on the gooseberry bush' Sauvignon Blanc. Having said that over the last few years the British public have, unknowingly, been involved in a love affair with Glera, which at the time of writing sees no sign of abating (Prosecco in case you were wondering). 

Pop Quiz: Which white grape variety produces the worlds most expensive white wine? Which white grapes variety is capable of producing every conceivable style of white wine, whether they are intensely dry, insanely sweet or refreshingly sparkling (and everything in between).... the answer should drip off the tongue.


At Gauntleys we have long been enamoured with Chenin Blanc. The Loire Valley, the oldest and most reknowned region for cultivating this grape variety, has been one of our most prominent importing regions for decades. Simply put: The versatility combined with the level of quality of Chenin Blanc is practically unmatched. If you're finding yourself scratching your head because you dont know what im talking about, or are even just a little bit intrigued, we have something for you. If the true wonders of Chenin Blanc have eluded you until now, Its time to explore!

With the following 'Chenin and its Many Faces Selection' our aim is to help you begin your love affair with Chenin Blanc. We have selected 6 bottles from growers around the Loire Valley which show just a smidgen of the breadth of styles and incredible quality here. There are 2 Sparkling, 2 dry and 2 off dry/ sweet wines, just enough to really whet your appetite. 

The 'Chenin and its Many Faces Selection' is available as either a:

Six Bottle Case containing 1 bottle of each of the following wines @ £117.50 - discounted from £130.60


Twelve Bottle Case containing 2 bottles of each of the following wines @ £235.00 discounted from £261.20

CRÉMENT DE LOIRE, Arnaud Lambert 

With its chalk-based soils, akin to those of Champagne, Saumur has a renowned reputation for its Methode Champenoise, sparkling wines. This wine possesses a fabulous natural acidity, which Arnaud masters superbly, creating a wine of enticing harmony and stylish precision.


An earthy, slightly perfumed macerated apricot and apple nose along with hints of yeast and toasted almonds. Slightly creamy with a good intensity and length.


Dry white with steely minerality and lovely ample crispy acidity. Rounded and creamy with rich, tart citrus and green apple fruit. Perfectly balanced and long finish.

2018 ANJOU BLANC 'LES MAGNOLIAS', Chateau de la Roulerie

Dry white wine with fabulous intensity and delicious apricot fruit profile, combined with an elegant mineral character from the terroir and fine acidity. A great partner to many dishes again – fish, poultry and perfect with pork dishes too.

2018 COTEAUX DU LAYON 'SAINT AUBIN', Domaine des Forges

A delicious, complex and honeyed nose gives way to a perfectly balanced palate that is fresh and not at all cloying with lovely pineapple fruit on the finish. 

2018 COTEAUX DU LAYON 'L'ORANGERIE', Chateau de la Roulerie

Luscious sweet wine. An incredibly attractive nose of quince, candied fruits and honey. Full mouth of ripe citrus fruits, exotic fruits but also toasty notes. Mouth watering acidity and Fresh mineral finish. This wine would go great alongside some aperitifs, a foie gras or even a hot fruit pie.

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