Introducing the Stunning 2010 Saint Jean du Barroux

My wife says I can talk a lot - she is probably right. "Don’t mention wine, history or cacti", would be her usual greeting at dinner parties (yes, we have them occasionally). No one however could possibly speak longer and with more passion, however, than the diminutive, brilliant Philippe Gimel. Visits to see Philippe and taste his wines (er..there are only three) can last upwards of four hours or more.."you're not in a rush, are you?", he might say upon entering his domaine. Philippe's estate is located on the flanks of Mont Ventoux (of Le Tour fame). He is a one-man crusade (sorry, history) for terroir and the potential of this forgotten appellation in the south of France. His wines are quite simply brilliant and 'punch' way above their weight. In fact, they are among the Rhone's finest. Below is a introductory offer on his exquisite 2010, along with a rather wordy tasting note from a certain American journalist.

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