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With our Artisans Delight Discovery Case, we would like to take a brief foray outside of our beloved France, and transport you to the white wine making havens of Austria and Germany. Standing out amongst a sea of aromatic German Rieslings and peppery Austrian Gruner Veltliners is no easy task, however the highly revered estates of Pflüger and Wienrieder are more than up to the challenge.

Wienrieder is buried deep in the heart of Austria’s largest wine growing region, Weinviertel. Here, Friedrich Rieder and his family have garnered themselves a reputation as one of the finest white wine producers in Austria, making them highly sought after by many of the world’s leading restaurants and sommeliers. The climate here is cool and there is immense focus at Weinrieder on the entire growing cycle and really pushing the extremes in terms of harvest, while preserving the quality of the fruit. Friedrich feels that, as so often in cool climate winemaking, preparation and the timing, and careful execution of the harvest are his most important tools. You will find no fancy technology in the cellar, there are no tricks, just masters of their craft, who live and breathe their land and vines. Friedrich seems to achieve an effortless natural balance in all his wines, they are lively, rich, and intense but unbelievably refined and mineral.

Weingut Pflüger's vineyards are situated in the village of Bad Durkheim, southwest of the Rhine Valley in Pfalz, Germany. Within Germany’s 102,000 hectares of vineyards, a mere handful are certified organic, and 50 hectares of those are in the hands of the delightful Alex Pfluger. The estate is a pioneer of the organic and bio-dynamic wine movement in Germany, with Alex’s father first cultivating their vineyards organically back in 1985, far before anyone else was thinking of making wine this way. The hot and dry climate in Bad Durkhiem, makes it perfect for viticulture of this nature and Alex believes that working biodynamically and organically, in harmony with the environment, is the key to crafting wines that reflect the terroir, and which have their own unique life and signature. Predominantly using the local varieties of Riesling, Spätburgunder and Gerwürztraminer, Alex’s wines are complex, aromatic, tropical and exuberant, whilst remaining wonderfully herbaceous, mineral, and fresh. In a wonderful twist of fate, Pflüger in German means ‘Ploughman’, and how perfect is that, for humble farmers that wish to transport you to their village of Bad Durkheim with their wines, and what a journey it is!

Defining their respective regions, Friedrich Rieder and Alex Pfluger re farmers at heart and true artisanal winemakers, honouring and caring for their land and its produce above all else. This is low intervention, intuitive winemaking at its best and we couldn’t be happier to share a few of their stunning wines with you today.

With 3 wines from each estate, our Artisans Delight Discovery Case hopes to transport you to Germany, then Austria, broaden your horizons and appreciation for white wine, and then bring you home, satisfied, yes, but raring to go back! The best part, after your appetite has been whet, you will have only scratched the surface of the range of incredible wines from these two estates!

This six-bottle case contains:

From Weinrieder:

Grüner Veltliner ‘Klassik’ 2020 When you think of Austria, you think of Grüner Veltliner, and this is a delicious, classic example. With distinctive aromas of ripe apple, quince, and hints of peach. The rich texture is well balanced by the juicy yet lively acidity. It is fresh, vibrant, peppery and a perfect pairing for fish, seafood, and poultry as well as the traditional cuisine.

Grüner Veltliner ‘Ried Schneiderberg’ 2019 From one of the Estate’s top single vineyard plots ‘Ried Schneiderberg’. This is a denser, more intense Grüner Veltliner with deep rich fruit and a broad range of aromas and flavours all whilst remaining pointed and elegant, with incredible freshness and vibrancy, and a minerality from the soils here that offsets the pepperiness perfectly. The wine perfectly accompanies grilled fish, deep-fried dishes like the famous Austrian “Wiener Schnitzel”, but also grilled white meat such as chicken or veal.

Riesling ‘Ried Kugler’ 2015 Weinrieder’s expression of Riesling is of course fruit-driven and aromatic, as Riesling should be, however, it is also an incredible pleasant mineral expression, with elegance, purity, and delicate acidity. Rich and full on the palate, with an abundance of ripe fruit flavours of honeyed baked apple and hints of tropical fruit. There is an expressive herbacious backbone, as well as traces of nuts and tobacco, all streamlined by a lovely minerality and spicy, long finish. Perfect with Pates and Asian Food!

From Alex Pfluger:

Cuvée Biodynamite 2017 Alex Pflugers, Cuvee Biodynamite, is an explosive off-dry, very aromatic, and deliciously juicy wine. An ancient combination of Riesling and Gewurztraminer, this wine fully envelops the palate with zesty citrus and peach, accompanied by plenty of floral and herbaceous character and welcome mineral notes, to bring it back down to earth. It owes its fine minerality to the sandstone and quartzite soils of the region. Very moreish, with fantastic length and vivacity. A perfect introduction to the lively style of Alex’s biodynamic wines!

Blanc de Noir 2018 A different direction entirely from the Biodynamite, Alex’s Blanc de Noir is far more delicate and refined, made from Pinot Noir. A short contact between juice and skins has resulted in a wonderfully soft rose colour. It is gentle and fragrant on the nose with aromas of quince and Mirabelle plums, followed by a juicy, and elegantly structured palate of strawberry-like fruit and a hint of sherbet. The crisp acidity makes it superbly balanced. A common thread through all of Alex’s range, is the accompanying herbaceous character and minerality, adding complexity, depth, and life to all his wines.

Riesling Durkheimer ‘Buntsanstein’ 2015 A tropical fruit extravaganza! A wonderful expression of a classically German style of Riesling, deliciously intense, zesty, and racy lemon, green apple, and white peach, combined with a clearly delineated minerality. Mouth-watering, with a perfect balance between its rich, sweet fruit and acidity, if you love Riesling, look no further!

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