Casa Vinicola Botter

The estate of La di Motte is a young estate in many senses. It has had its rebirth in 2000 under the watchful eye of one the new generation of wine makers,Luca Botter together with his oenologist Flavio Zuliani. The estate itself dates back to the 1970?s and extends for nearly 100 hectars on the alluvial rich soil between the communes of Motta di Livenza and Cessalto in the zone of Piave DOC at the border of Friuli. Over half of the hectares have been replanted with a special selection of clones with 3500 to 4200 plants per hectare. Luca plans to expand the line further with the addition of wines made from indigenous vines which had been ignored until now. The cellars are completely renovated and a barricaia of over 400 barriques has been added for the more important wines.

The Pinot Grigio grapes are immediately pressed and cooled after picking. They are fermented with specially selected yeasts and fermentation takes place at 18 C for up to 20 days. The wine is fresh and soft on the palate with an elegant bouquet and a lingering finish. They also produce a Pinot Grigio called La Casada from bought in grapes which represent marvellous value for money.
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