Domaine St Remy

After completing his studies in viticulture and vinification in 1988, Phillipe Ehrhart and his father created the domaine. The Ehrhart family is a very well known and respected wine making family in Alsace and can trace their wine making roots back to 1725.

Presently the estate cultivates 24 hectares of vines in the region, with approximately 1.7 hectares in the Grand Cru’s of Goldert, Steingrubler, Hengst, Brand and Schlossberg. Phillipe is committed to the concepts of sustainable agriculture and is a member of the TYFLO Association. This is a group of like minded Alsatian Vignerons, whose aims are to promote viticultural techniques that are respectful to the environment whilst being economically viable; Ensure the production of healthy grapes and quality wine without the need for chemical treatments; Promote bio-diversity in the vineyard, minimising environmental pollution and promote a natural soil balance. The Association is controlled and certified organic by Ecocert.

It is not surprising to know that their wines are of the highest standard and are very soft, approachable and extremely food friendly in style.
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