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A short trip over the Alps from our beloved Rhone valley, lays Switzerland, home to 15,000 hectares of vines and a production of around 1 million hectolitres. However just a paltry 2% of that production is exported, mainly to Germany, but now it arrives in the UK.

Gauntleys have decided to work with two very talented wine makers. Blaize Duboux and Pierre-Luc Leyraz. Both winemakers are passionate about their vines and the terroir, which is reflected in the superb range of wines.

Domaine Blaise Duboux Calamin Grand Cru 'Cuvee Vincent' 2012

This grand cru evolves from the terroir, which gives this wine its texture and unique local flavor.

Type: White, dry Varietal: Chasselas Region: Lavaux Locale: Epesses Winemaking: Traditional Alcohol: 12.5% Closure: Cork Age up to: 7 - 10 years Aroma: A bit rustic, but with racy minerality Texture: Full bodied Flavour: Special terroir Pairing: Fish and seafood, especially shellfish

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Domaine Blaise Duboux Dezaley Grand Cru 'Haut de Pierre' 2011

This grand cru is made from the grapes of 25-year-old vines growing on a single plot of land. The wine is a fusion of flavours from the strong terroir.

Type: White, dry Varietal: Chasselas fendant roux Region: Lavaux Locale: Puidoux Alcohol: 12.5% Closure: Cork Age up to: 7 - 10 years Aroma: When young, lime blossoms dominate the almond nose. Texture: Soft and rich Flavour: The old vines introduce a subtle minerality and a long finish. Pairing: Oven-roasted fish, dishes showcasing morels, and at the end of a meal with an aged Swiss Gruyere Recommendation: Be patient and cellar this wine for a year to better appreciate the fine qualities of this Dezaley.

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Pierre-Luc Leyvraz St Saphorin 'Les Blassinges' 2012

Situated in the neighbouring village of Chexbres, Pierre-Luc Leyvraz works a mere 3.5 ha of vines, situated on the steep slopes of Saint-Saphorin, comprising 2.8 ha of Chasselas. Fortunately, I do not suffer from vertigo but I did find myself tightening my grip on the security rail as we climbed the steps leading up onto the various terraces, whilst Pierre-Luc explained the challenges of caring for the vines here. This is a real labour of love!

Looking at the steepness, not only of the hill itself, but of the narrow vineyards on the individual terraces, it is astonishing that the vines are pruned, treated and harvested without incident. These are tasks that Pierre-Luc performs with a dedicated passion. He is happy to work within the restraints of the vineyards and the limited yields that the old vines achieve, in order to produce wines of the highest quality possible from these historic soils. His work does not end in the vineyards however. Pierre-Luc is just as meticulous when it comes to the blending of his vats in order to produce the individual blends with the perfect balance between the expression of the Chasselas and the subtly different, mineral nuances that individual plots impart. This bottling of the 2012 Saint Saphorin provides much more open and exuberant fruit balanced by the same distinctive minerality of the Lavaux.

As I mentioned above, these fabulous wines are finally receiving the global recognition they deserve and David Schildknecht of the Wine Advocate included the wines of both growers amongst his personal Best of 2012!

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