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This is a pre-shipment offer. The wines from Chateau St. Cosme, will be shipped during May for delivery before the summer. The wines from La Bouissiere, are due to be shipped in September.

2019 is a phenomenal vintage in the Southern Rhone. Following a recent pattern of hot summers, with certain localized areas, recording record temperatures, considerably in excess of 40 degrees, some had feared that the wines might mirror those of 2003. Fortunately, however, the peaks in temperature were not prolonged and more importantly, in contrast to the summer of 2003, the evenings were much cooler, allowing the vines a respite from the heat and enabling them to preserve acidity. As always, correct vineyard management, also proved a key factor to the quality of wines produced. It is undoubtedly worth seeking out the wines from the good estates, which possess an incredible concentration and ripeness of fruit, combined with a good structure and fine balance of acidity. Undoubtedly one of my favourite villages to visit in the Rhone Valley is Gigondas. Attracting less through traffic than Chateauneuf du Pape, the pretty village of Gigondas lies nestled under the dramatic Dentelles de Montmirail. There is a peaceful, tranquility here, yet at the same time, there is an air of ‘Joie de Vivre. I am always convinced that I am the only one in the village, who is not ‘en vacances!’ Of course, there are far greater reasons to enjoy Gigondas, than merely the picturesque setting and lovely ambience of the village. It is what lies in the sleepy cellars below ground, that is most important to people like myself. Speaking to the producers here, it is clear that there are those who feel aggrieved that the Appellation is still somewhat in the shadows of that of their neighbour, Chateauneuf du Pape, but having gained its individual AC status in 1971, the wines of Gigondas definitely enjoy their own, well deserved, recognition. We are delighted to work with two of the Appellation’s finest producers, Thierry Faravel, of Domaine La Bouissiere and Louis Barroul, of Chateau St. Cosme. The wines of the two estates are as different in style as the personalities of their creators, but both have produced glorious wines in 2019, which should not be missed!


We have had the great pleasure of representing the wines of Thierry Faravel, of Domaine La Bouissiere for many years and what began as a good working relationship, has grown into a greatly valued friendship. I know that the wines of Bouissiere were always great favourites of John Gauntley and that he also, particularly enjoyed his visits here, spending time with Thierry, putting the world to rights, lamenting the latest preposterous action of one of the world’s ‘great leaders’ and or course, sharing the pleasures of fine wine, good food and their equally keen appreciation for music. The wines of Bouissiere, possess a poise and directness, a reflection of both Thierry’s calm but serious personality and of course, the micro-climate of the high altitude of his vineyards. Whilst one will inevitably be able to find examples of Gigondas from growers with vineyards on the lower plains, that are overpowering with alcohol and tannin, the combination of Thierry’s philosophy and the high altitude of the vineyards, has resulted in wines with all the generosities of the vintage, but without any excess and that have retained the Bouissiere’ freshness and finesse.

2019 Beaumes de Venise

Produced from a blend of old vine Syrah and Grenache, plus Mourvedre on, high altitude, south-east facing slopes, situated with argilo-calcaire soils. Deep purple in the glass. Intensely ripe, blackberry and blueberry fruit. Powerful bouquet. Great concentration on the palate – real expression of black fruits with a super minerality coming through. Lovely balance and freshness. Super, long, finish.

2019 Vacqueyras

Produced from equal parts of Grenache and Syrah, with 12% Mourvedre. Opaque purple in the glass. Rich bouquet here, with aromas of crème de cassis. Very floral. Much more powerful and structured on the palate. Incredible layers of complexity. Multi-dimensional. Great balance of acidity and impressive length.

2019 Gigondas

Deep, powerful, smokey, black fruits with fragrant echoes of the garrigue, combined with distinct minerality and freshly ground pepper. Serious structure and intensity, combined with the lovely freshness and life, synonymous with the wines of Bouissiere. Great balance and length. Needs a few years to come of age, but patience will be rewarded. A stunning Gigondas!

One six-bottle mixed case, containing

2 bottles x 2019 Gigondas, 2 bottles x 2019 Beaumes de Venise, 2 bottles x 2019 Vacqueyras


One twelve bottle mixed case, containing

4 bottles x 2019 Gigondas, 4 bottles x 2019 Beaumes de Venise, 4 bottles x 2019 Vacqueyras


Can’t wait until September! Try a mixed case of Thierry’s beautiful wines from UK stock!

One six-bottle mixed case, containing

2 bottles x 2014 Gigondas, 2 bottles x 2015 Beaumes de Venise, 2 bottles x 2017 Cotes du Rhone

Normal Retail Price - £119.80


One twelve bottle mixed case, containing

4 bottles x 2014 Gigondas, 4 bottles x 2015 Beaumes de Venise, 4 bottles x 2017 Cotes du Rhone

Normal Retail Price - £239.60



If there is one person determined to single-handedly prove the great potential of the terroir of Gigondas, it is Louis Barroul, with his simply outstanding ‘Parcellaire’ cuvees, from individual vineyard plots. These are truly phenomenal wines, of world-class.

Possibly finding that working within the appellation of a single village, to be somewhat limiting., over the years Louis has also established his own ‘negoce’ wines, developing close working relationships with growers throughout the Rhone Valley, taking full control of vineyard management, harvest and vinification, enabling him to explore and master different terroirs, to consistently produce excellent examples of each appellation.

For this offer, we are focusing on three exceptionally appealing and expressive wines, which are a great introduction to St. Cosme and the talents, of Louis Barroul.

2019 Deux Albion IGP Pricipaute d’ Orange

Produced form a blend of Viognier, Marsanne, Roussane and Picpoul from a vineyard planted by Louis, on the limestone soils of St. Martin. The fermentation takes place 25% in vat and 75% in wood, (25% demi-muids and 50% barrel), with ageing on the lees. Vibrant and appealing. This is wonderfully aromatic and intense with tantalizingly zesty, slightly tropical fruit flavours and fresh, racy acidity. Delightful!

2019 Cotes du Rhone

Unlike most Cotes du Rhone, which are from a predominantly Grenache-based blend, this wine is 100% Syrah, from vines grown on the red clay, limestone and pebble soils. This is always a stylish and impressive Cotes du Rhone, but Louis describes it as a ‘stella vintage’:- the greatest since 2010, surpassing both 2015 and 2016. This is a serious red wine, which can be enjoyed in its youth, but which possesses the structure, fruit, balance and complexity to ensure that it will age beautifully too. Deep, dark colour the nose exudes pure, ripe intense black fruit which carries through on to the palate. Good structure and fabulous complexity with layers of black fruit, smoke and charcoal.

2019 Crozes Hermitage

A terrific example of Syrah in its home territory of the northern Rhone. This ancient strain is grown on granite terroir. The grapes are all de-stemmed and the wine is aged 12 months in cask, with 20% new oak. Deep opaque in the glass, with a beautiful bouquet. Fragrant black fruit. Wonderful purity on the palate, layers of ripe, black fruits, with real life and vibrancy. Ripe, healthy tannins and good lift of acidity. Super poise and length.

One Six Bottle Case – containing

2 bottles x 2019 Deux Albion, IGP Pricipaute d’ Orange, 2 bottles x 2019 Cotes du Rhone, 2 bottles x 2019 Crozes Hermitage


One Twelve Bottle Case - containing

4 bottles x 2019 Deux Albion, IGP Pricipaute d’ Orange, 4 bottles x 2019 Cotes du Rhone, 4 bottles x 2019 Crozes Hermitage


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