Alex Pfluger

Within Germany’s 102,000 hectares of vineyards, a mere handful are certified organic, and 50 hectares of those are in the hands of the delightful Alex Pfluger. The Pfluger estate itself, has been organic since 1989 and farmed biodynamically since 2008. The family have a passion for their soil and the way it is expressed in his wines. Alex only took over the reins of the family estate in 2010 following his studies at Geisenheim and spells in Burgundy, California and Australia, but he has already expanded production significantly and his commitment both to quality and environmental sensitivity, has seen his reputation spread across the planet. Pflüger means 'ploughman' - very fitting for winemakers who began as humble farmers, but who, with the study of their soils and environment, have created beautiful wines that transport their drinkers to the village of Bad Durkheim - wines of pleasure and education!
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