Arnaud Lambert


With 20 ha in Breze and 20 in St. Cyr en Bourg, Arnaud Lambert produces a series of sensational, single vineyard wines, beautifully portraying the individual expressions of the differing terroirs here. Striving to gain the best expression of each parcel, organic conversion was adopted in 2009. The wines of Breze are renowned for their marked acidity, being produced on the distinct tuffeau/limestone soils. Whilst there is undoubtedly more clay in St. Cyr-en Bourg, Arnaud’s vineyards here, have very thin top soils too, which also allow the bedrock to impart significant acidity to his wines. Arnaud embraces this, loving the purity, straightness and finesse that can be achieved. Adopting a less is more approach to vinification, nothing is overworked or over extracted, sulphur is kept to a minimum and the wines remain unadulterated by any residual sugar. He also produces a couple of stunning Cremants, including the Zero Dosage 1948 Brut Nature, from 70 year old vines, which has a fabulous depth and complexity, whilst retaining wonderful acidity born from the terroir, providing drive and finesse. The wines of Arnaud Lambert offer a true vinous experience, possessing a breath-taking precision, focus and minerality and showcasing the subtly, but significantly differing sensations of Saumur.
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