Azienda Vitivinicola La Zerba

La Zerba owns 10 hectares of 25 year old vines in the Tassarolo area. Tassarolo is the highest commune in the DOCG and La Zerba’s vineyards are perched on a south-facing outcropping of iron-rich, calcareous and clay soils that looks south to the often snow-capped Ligurian Alps, at 300 meters abve sea level. Its location near the protecting bulk of the mountains, keeps it from suffering the severe storms and bitter winds from the north. Instead, this zone is favored by moderating sea breezes from the east, which favour the slow ripening necessary to develop rich, aromatic bouquets. These factors, as well as a combination of low yields and a protracted harvest over a three-week window, encourage complexity and the result is a classic Gavi: light in alcohol, delicately floral with a hint of candied fruit, all carried along on a wave of breezy acidity. A wonderfully personal wine made with love and care. Afforable and delightful.
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