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Chateau du Coing

I had first had the pleasure of tasting the lovely wines of Veronique Gunther several years ago and meeting her again in Angers, felt it would be an ideal opportunity to visit her vineyards and so the Gunthers kindly suggested that I follow them to the winery. (Had someone told them about my sense of direction?) Turning out of the village of Saint Fiacre-sur-Maine, we were immediately winding our way amidst the vineyards. Leaving the lane at the side of an old farmhouse, I assumed we had arrived, but my lead continued down the unmade track, zigzagging the pot holes, until the roof tops of a large building came into view. This was Chateau du Coing, one of three properties that the Gunther’s own in the appellation, but where all the wines are vinified and orders assembled. Clearly not fully restored, the scenic location and awe inspiring architecture of the Chateau were breath-taking! Situated at a meeting place of the two rivers of the Sevre et Maine, combined with the sweeping winds of the Atlantic Ocean, the micro-climate here is superb. The 45 ha vineyards, are south facing, and comprise top soils of silt and sand with a subsoil of schist. The picturesque, ancient barrel cellar is now mostly used as an atmospheric, tasting room, with the wines being vinified in the more practical winery.

In addition to the 45 ha at Chateau du Coing, there are 17 ha on the volcanic terroirs at Chateau de la Gravelle, where the Cuvee Don Quichote is produced and a further 5 ha in Monnieres, where the Grand Fief de la Cormoraie is produced on a terroir of clay and schist.
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