Chateau du Coing

Chateau du Coing is situated at the meeting place of the two rivers of the Sevre et Maine. Owned and run by Veronique Gunther, this domaine specialises in producing late-release Muscadets with a great ability to age. The 45 ha vineyards, are south facing, and comprise top soils of silt and sand with a subsoil of schist. Keen to raise its image, the growers in Muscadet have begun to recognise the quality from individual villages. In order to qualify for the ‘village’ labels, growers have to adhere to strict regulations relating to age of vines, yields, pruning, vinification, style of wine etc. Veronique opts to go further and adopts significantly higher standards than the minimum requirement set by the AC, often drastically extending the ageing sur latte of her cuvees and releasing significantly later. Her wines are true showcases of what the best of Muscadet has to offer. The wines are rich and complex with lovely clean fruit, whilst remaining light and elegant with a lovely salinity. In addition to the 45 ha at Chateau du Coing, there are 17 ha on the volcanic terroirs at Chateau de la Gravelle, where the Cuvee Don Quichote is produced and a further 5 ha in Monnieres, where the Grand Fief de la Cormoraie is produced on a terroir of clay and schist.
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