Domaine Albert Boxler

Niedermorschwihr, Alsace

Tucked away above the sleepy village of Niedermorschwihr, Jean Boxler, quietly crafts some of the most beautifully balanced and expressive wines of the appellation. Jean’s vineyards are mainly centred around his ancient home village of Niedermorschwihr, situated west of Colmar in the Haut Rhin region of Alsace. Most of his parcels are situated on the imposing, steep granite hillside of the Grand Cru Sommerberg, that backs onto his doorstep. He also owns a small crop of land in the Grand Cru Brand area. Jean’s mastery of his craft, meticulous attention and unwavering love and understanding of his land, enables him to harness the rich array of soil types and consistently hot Alsacian climate, to produce incredibly rich, intensely structured and very long-lived wines. In the vineyard, Jean is committed to working the plants, soil, and overall environment as respectfully as possible. Since 2003, he has followed the principles of organic agriculture. He knows his vineyard and his terroir by heart. Everything is organised and executed with finite precision under his watchful eye. The trellising, pruning, replanting, and control of plant life require many trips through the vineyard and detailed training for the domain’s employees. Strict control of yields, insures only the finest grapes make it into the wines and inside the cellar Jean endeavours to intervene as little as possible. The most important work to him is in the vineyard itself, after that, if he has done his job well, he feels the wine will show itself. Gravity does all the work in his cellar, which are situated, practically, underneath his family home.

The domaine produces a range of generic, (no lieu- dits) and Grand Cru Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and Muscat from the Brand and Sommemberg. One remarkable aspect to Jean's winemaking methods, is that instead of bottling, for example, one Sommerberg, he prefers to separate out the terroirs within a Grand Cru. The key qualities which lift these wines above their peers are their impeccable precision, balance and harmony. They are the 'essence' of each variety. We are still at a loss to explain how such consistently sumptuous wines are produced. Jean keeps the 'family recipe' a close guarded secret!
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