Domaine Gerard Raphet

Gerard Raphet has capitalized on these attributes, with his supreme ability to produce wines of unrivalled purity and precision.

Indeed, the wines of Gerard Raphet are the epitome of purity and finesse, reflecting both the essence of the Pinot and the personality of terroir. These are not wines for fans of massive extraction – or for those who judge a book by its cover – or should I say, a wine by its colour. Raphet does not over extract and keeps new oak to a minimum, he produces the most exquisitely balanced, pure and elegant wines, yet which possess a surprising intensity. Yields are always strictly controlled here and this year Raphet discarded 30% of the crop to achieve this exceptional level of excellence. As usual, the wines will be bottled without fining or filtration.

Burgundy for the purists! Raphet has produced an exemplary array of wines which will beguile in their youth and yet mature majestically.
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