Domaine Marc Sorrel

Marc Sorrel and his son Guillaume, are arguably two of the most talented winemakers in the Hermitage and Crozes Hermitage region. The estate was created in 1928 by Guillaume’s great grandfather Félix, a notary in Tain-l'Hermitage and has been domaine bottling since the 1970s. Marc took over the estate in 1984. He inherited 2 hectares planted by his grandfather, located in the central part of Hermitage hill and over the decades has gradually expanded and taken the wine making here, from simply an impassioned family pastime, to a world-renowned powerhouse on the Hermitage stage. Although having a smaller operation than that of Chapoutier or Jaboulet, their wines are always placed up there in the same conversation. The magnificent red and white wines at Domaine Marc Sorrel, are classic examples of old fashioned, uncompromising Hermitage. With Marc officially retiring in 2018, the domaine is continued by his son Guillaume. Our fondness for the wines here remains unabated, since first starting to work with Marc nearly 30 years ago. Their winemaking technique is distinctly non-interventionist - rarely de-stemmed, not a single new oak barrel can be found in the wine cellars and the wines are often aged for up to two years before bottling. This traditional approach, gives an old-fashioned style of Hermitage, which is full, well-structured, and very long-lived.
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