Fabrizio Vella

Fabrizio Vella, is a Sicialian born and bred, and one of the finest champions of the indigenous varieties Cattaratto and Nero d’Avola, in the world today. Working with an infectous passion and enthusiasm, he is incredibly proud of the island he calls home and loves crafting wines in a caring and sustainable way. Striving for wines that are complex, fresh, exciting, moreish and unique, true ‘vin de terroir’. In order to achieve this, he cultivates his high elevation vineyards in as natural a way as possible, being certified fully organic. The vineyard sites are situated at an altitude of 350-450m, ensuring cooler night time temperatures, which preserve crucial acidity in the grapes. Everything is done by hand in the vineyard and the cellar, and yields are restricted in order to preserve only the finest quality grapes.
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