Loic Mahe

Every winemaker will tell you that their love for wine growing started with a passion. Loic Mahe is no different but he took it to a higher level. Having begun by working alongside the highly respected, Damien Laureau, Loic is now blazing his own trail and is undoubtedly one of the most exciting producers in the appellation today. After a three-year period of apprenticeship and research, Loic took over a wonderful piece of land in A.O.C Savennières on soils of weathered shale facing due south. He had to start from scratch as it was very barren looking. With patience and perseverance, he succeeded in re-creating his vineyard. He planted his first vines in 2000 and now has 10 hectares of Chenin and Cabernet vineyards, located on banks of the Loire, south of Angers. In comparison to many of the other historic estates in this revered appellation, including our beloved, Chateau d’Epire, Domaine Loïc Mahe, is in its infancy. However, his impression on the region is already starting to be felt, with his rapidly growing reputation, and he is truly blazing his own trail. His philosophy is also very simple, that is to help nature work towards producing balanced, authentic wines, each one of them expressing the typicality of the winery’s terroirs. His wines are masterfully crafted, incredibly expressive and vibrant as well as reaching truly breath-taking levels of richness on the palate to accompany his beautiful aromatics. Following organic and biodynamic principles, Loic's wines possess a fabulous purity, expression and balance, with a dynamic life and energy. His intriguing blends below, are a true delight to experience.
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