Domaine Clos de L'Ours

Purchased back in 2012, this estate, is situated in the northernmost sector of the Cotes de Provence and represents the culmination of one family’s winemaking dreams. All members of the Broton family are involved with crafting, promoting and selling their domaine’s wines, and in our opinion they are some of the most expressive and wonderfully refined in the Cotes de Provence. Working completely organically and with a very minimal interventionist approach to winemaking, nature is truly allowed to take its course here. The long hang time and rich clay and limestone sub soils, help produce wines which are undeniably Provencal, yet remarkably elegant. Because of this, they are also able to produce wines incorporating all of the classic Provencal grape varieties. Powerful in their profile, yet all the range is wonderfully rounded, elegant, fresh and mineral.
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