Azienda Agricola Roccheviberti

Located in the village of Castiglione Falletto in the picturesque, vinous region of the Langhe, the estate is run by Claudio Viberti and comprises a mere 4.5ha. The winery is perched on the cliff-top over-looking the famous Rocche di Castiglione, which descends below it. Stylistically Claudio strives for purity, elegance and rich perfumed bouquets. This is in contrast to some of the wines from around Barolo that we feel can rely on an over indulgence of oak. With the south-easterly exposition, the Rocche di Castiglione produces some of the most elegant and fragrant wines from Barolo, due largely to the terroir, comprising a notable level of sand and tuff on the limestone Rocche. For Claudio, his role at the winery is that of mediator, striving to find the perfect balance between the needs of his vines and terroir, whilst meeting the winemaking requirements of the region and honouring their long-standing family winemaking traditions.

From the vibrant Dolcetto to the refined Barolo, all the wines of this estate display a glorious purity of fruit and truly delightful balance. The real beauty of these wines is their purity of expression, glorious natural balance and vibrant character. The wines of Roccheviberti really stand out, even when tasted alongside the most highly revered names of the region.
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