Domaine Schoffit

Domaine Schoffit is into its third generation now, originally started by Robert Schoffit in 1973 and today it is managed by his grandson, Alexandre, who continues the family tradition along with his father, Bernard. Based near Colmar in Alsace, the switch in ownership after Robert, signalled quite a change in style, with Bernard investing in 6.5 hectares of land on the famous Rangen de Thann Grand Cru. This could have been deemed as a huge risk, as the vineyards in question had been abandoned long before, with steep slopes that many would have felt were too difficult to work, for little return. However, for Bernard this was not an issue, as he has clearly been able to bring out the very best from this inhospitable site, now producing wines that are amongst the finest from this Grand Cru. Working with great respect and care for the terroir, the wines of Schoffit never seem to disappoint. Alexandre and Bernard always achieve a lovely ripeness in their wines, yet even in the more opulent cuvees, there is a fabulous balance and finesse. At generic level, Schoffit is renowned for their particularly exciting cuvee of Chasselas, which has to be one of the hidden treasures of Alsace. Produced from old vines on the Harth vineyards, Schoffit’s Chasselas has been renowned for many years. With more fruit than the Riesling, less spice than a Gewurztraminer and more restraint than a Pinot Gris, it is an incredibly versatile wine accompanying many dishes.
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